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Todd Miller and the Joe Loss Orchestra

Todd Miller & The Joe Loss Orchestra...

2006 saw the Joe Loss Orchestra celebrating its 75th anniversary. The Orchestra is now Britains longest running live entertainment company of any kind (they must be doing something right).

Since 1930 the orchestra has never been disbanded and reformed, it has been in constant operation throughout the world, with Britains best musicians and singers performing totally live.

In 1989 Joe Loss, Britains most celebrated band leader, became too ill to travel. In 1990 Joe entrusted the leadership to Todd Miller, who has led the orchestra through to the present day. Todd, who joined the orchestra in 1972, has continued the great tradition of performing the best live entertainment for all generations.

Nothing mimed, nothing tracked. Britains best musicians and singers performing totally live. Now thats entertainment!

Todd Miller...

Todd Miller joined the orchestra as vocalist in 1972 (humour him when he claims he was eight years old at the time). His vocal prowess and versatility has received acclaim from many eminent professionals from within the music industry and most importantly, from audiences and fans around the world. Todd is best appreciated, live onstage, interacting with the audience, singing songs in any style from any era and making it sound just right.

He has performed on 14 world tours, 2 royal weddings, all the major TV channels and radio stations, all the main venues throughout the UK, many royal commands and premieres and as leader, he is proud to have been presented to her majesty the Queen on many occasions.